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At Lead Search Group, our business has been built by forming long lasting relationships with clients and candidates. It's a privilege to work with such talented individuals and leaders. 

Kristi Barnes, Director, Human Resources

“Over the past 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Magdalena on searches from both a client perspective and as a candidate looking for a new opportunity.  Magdalena is a true business partner who demonstrates an unwavering level of integrity, transparency and trust.  Her approach to each search is tailored to the uniqueness of the role and her level of professionalism is second to none.  Magdalena builds relationships based on respect and takes an approach that makes your search feel it’s her top priority.  From our experiences working together, what I value most is Magdalena’s ability to have honest dialogue.  Searches haven’t always gone as planned; candidates withdraw from the process, managers change their hiring criteria, and roles which at first pass seem to be a suitable match end up not being the right fit.  I’ve been involved in each of these scenarios and through each, Magdalena provided insight, wisdom and solutions to all of them.  Working with Magdalena isn’t a transaction, it’s a trusted partnership” 


Lead Search Goup

Victoria Almeida, Human Resources Generalist

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Magdalena.  It's very clear that she has a sincere interest in her clients' success and she works so hard to ensure that they find the perfect role.  She is always in touch every step of the way and makes sure you are confident and comfortable before going into an interview or putting you forth for a position.  I love working with her and recommend any contact who is searching for a new role to her as a recruiter but more so as an advisor and confidant.  She placed me in my current role (before providing me with quite a few amazing opportunities) and its been a great opportunity for me.  I look forward to working with Magdalena in the future” 

Leslie Proulx, Human Resources Advisor

"Magdalena is more than a recruiter - she takes the time to develop a close relationship with her clients. I had the pleasure of working with Magdalena when I was looking for a new HR role. Living in Calgary at the time, I was eager to move back to Ontario. The idea of finding a new job across the country was daunting. Magdalena and I connected and I immediately knew that I had her full support in my job search. She took the time to understand my interests and my career goals, ultimately leading to securing a position in a few weeks. Since that first initial contact with Magdalena more than two years ago, we have maintained a close relationship, both professionally and personally"

Karla Benson, Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Magdalena is an absolute pleasure to work with and an expert in her field. She was one of the first people I connected with during my job search when I moved across the country two years ago, and I still have regular contact with her to this day. She is one of the most genuine and caring people that I know, and provides exceptional customer service to her clients. Magdalena takes the time to listen to the people that she connects with, and truly understands what it takes to make a successful match for all parties involved. One thing that sets Magdalena apart from other talent professionals is that she excels at offering a personalized recruitment experience by taking the time to understand the needs of her clients, and puts just as much effort into getting to know potential candidates and what their needs and career goals are to find the perfect fit. I would highly recommend Magdalena to anyone looking for a true talent partnership and to find the perfect match for what you are looking for” 


Jackie Sparking, Human Resources Manager

“Five years ago, I was very fortunate to meet Magdalena during a period when I was exploring my own career opportunities. We established instant rapport, and she instilled confidence in me to pursue my goals.   From the time of our initial meeting, we have developed a strong relationship (both personal and professional) and today we have a solid business partnership.  Magdalena is a talented search professional who takes the time to listen and understand her client’s needs.  She is methodical in her approach, and handles each situation with integrity and respect.  Through dedication and hard work, Magdalena strives to deliver results with each assignment she accepts.  Her commitment to her customers is commendable, and is second to none” 

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