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Every search is unique. We approach each opportunity with a customized approach. Lead Search Group offers two different search options. We can help you choose the right one based on your search needs. The level and complexity of the role influences which option is best. The two choices are briefly described below, but we can answer any of your questions at anytime. 

Contingency Search

Typically, this type of search option is utilized for entry to mid-level positions.  With this option, there is no upfront fee required, payment is made when a successful candidate has been hired.  This option is exclusive, meaning no other search firms are involved.  Lead Search Group will help determine whether this option is right for you based on your unique recruitment needs.

Retained Search

This search option is for senior to executive level positions. With this option, there is an upfront fee to initiate the search. The initial fee allows us to conduct extensive research for your recruitment needs.  The final payment is made once the successful candidate has been hired.  Our retained search option is exclusive, meaning no other search firms are involved. 

Why is Exclusivity Important?

All of our recruitment partnerships are exclusive. This ensures that we are fully committed to each other.  Beyond this, there are other key reasons exclusivity is required:

  • Agencies usually have multiple searches happening at one time. For recruiters, an exclusive search will take priority over a non-exclusive arrangement.  

  • An exclusive partnership ensures that candidates are working with a single point of contact through the search process.  This avoids candidates from being contacted by multiple search firms which can cause confusion and a negative brand impression.

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